The  35 Year AAR and T/A  reunion at Chryslers at Carlisle

Well, all of the time and effort was well worth it! What a show! I would like to thank everyone for coming, we had an awesome display that folks will be talking about for years. All three of the known two-tone (V02) T/As were there, that in itself was awesome!

Thanks for everyone’s patience as well, I know that not everything went smoothly. The Carlisle staff did not have a complete (or accurate) list of everyone who pre-registered for the show, so not everyone entitled to the Anniversary Plaque showed up on the list. There are a few left unclaimed, so if you pre-registered for the event but have not received a plaque please contact me right away with a copy of your pre-registration receipt and I will get your plaque to you.

I also apologize if I missed you, there were a whole lot more of you there this year and only one of me, folks were standing in line waiting fairly often. It was very hectic at times, I wish there had been more time to spend with each of you. It was good seeing old friends again, meeting other registered members in person for the first time and meeting several new ones too.

Special Thanks

Thanks also to all of YOU! Thanks for coming guys and gals, clap yourselves on the back, together we ALL put on one heck of a show.

Very special thanks go out to Sam Posey, he is not in the best of health, but he was a trooper signing autographs and answering questions. He had a great time. He told several folks he was honored to be there.

Special thanks also to Jeff Bangert at for doing his part to put this whole thing together.

Special thanks also to Lisa Leatherly on the Carlisle staff, she was great to work with! Jeff Bangert and I presented Lisa and the rest of the Carlisle staff with a wall plaque and a basket of Hershey’s chocolate items at a luncheon on Saturday. It was the very least we could do to thank the Carlisle staff for eagerly hosting our event.

Special thanks to Dennis Drake and Ann Seip as well, they both helped me at the show more than they know.

So, how many cars made it?

Well, it was so big that it was hard to get an accurate count actually. I walked through with Dennis Drake’s help and counted all I could on Friday. Dennis went through the field gain on Saturday and noted the new arrivals for me. Here is the tally for the ones I saw;

T/As – 59 Total plus three T/A clones

AARs – 41 total  - for a show count of 103.

I did not get a chance to do a count on Sunday to see if there were any new additions, but regardless of the actual number it was an awesome turnout!

My reunion photos appear below.

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fj5_aar.jpg (11684 bytes) fj5_ta.jpg (13180 bytes) fj5_ta_3.jpg (14170 bytes)
fj5_ta_4.jpg (12990 bytes) fj6_aar_1.jpg (14184 bytes) fj6_ta_4.jpg (15405 bytes)
front_view.jpg (14165 bytes) gary_plessingers_black_aar.jpg (9577 bytes) go_mango_ta.jpg (13661 bytes)
go_mango_ta_2.jpg (14487 bytes) go_mango_ta_3.jpg (14023 bytes) go_mango_ta_4.jpg (14789 bytes)
great_rainbow.jpg (16213 bytes) hemi_orange_ta.jpg (14411 bytes) hemi_orange_ta_3.jpg (12388 bytes)
hemi_orange_ta_4.jpg (14997 bytes) in_violet_aar.jpg (11338 bytes) it_broke_in_two_right_after_he_loaded_in_on_the_trailer.jpg (9955 bytes)
jeff_bangert_checks_out_the_173 mile_ta.jpg (8285 bytes) jennifer_meets_mr_norm.jpg (12346 bytes) john_sandberg_and_his_aar_racer.jpg (10106 bytes)
john_waricks_ta.jpg (14128 bytes) lemon_twist_aar.jpg (13864 bytes) lemon_twist_aar_2.jpg (15479 bytes)
lemon_twist_aar_3.jpg (15128 bytes) lemon_twist_parking_only.jpg (14437 bytes) long_line_up.jpg (12873 bytes)
looks_like_a_possible_grudge_match.jpg (14751 bytes) michael_driggets_ta.jpg (10201 bytes) michael_wirt_took_the_rustiest_wonder_award.jpg (13074 bytes)
mitch_lelitos_ta_race_car.jpg (9856 bytes) more_aars_and_tas.jpg (16888 bytes) mr_norm_and_the_owners_of_the_173_mile_car.jpg (11138 bytes)
mr_norm_checks_out_the_tas.jpg (15371 bytes) mr_norm_looks_happy.jpg (11602 bytes) mr_norm_reunited_with_the_173_mile_car.jpg (11202 bytes)
mr_norm_will_not_get_out.jpg (12367 bytes) nice_line_up.jpg (9934 bytes) niel_wedekings_moulin_rouge_aar.jpg (9909 bytes)
norm_vanderveen.jpg (14433 bytes) norms_ta_in_the_survivor_tent.jpg (15165 bytes) original_tan_interior.jpg (13170 bytes)
passes_everthing_but_the_gas_pump.jpg (12385 bytes) rare_two_tone_ta_1.jpg (13478 bytes) rare_two_tone_ta_3.jpg (13435 bytes)
red_aar_1.jpg (13077 bytes) red_aar_2.jpg (13891 bytes) red_aar_3.jpg (14576 bytes)
sam_posey.jpg (11843 bytes) sam_posey_reunited_with_77.jpg (11172 bytes) stephanie_with_the_drag_tas.jpg (13818 bytes)
ta_pilot_car.jpg (9628 bytes) tas_as_far_as_the_eye_can_see.jpg (12970 bytes) tas_everywhere.jpg (12143 bytes)
the_gypsy.jpg (9923 bytes) the_most_photographed_ta.jpg (10987 bytes) the_mr_norms_ta_with_173_miles.jpg (11057 bytes)
the_original_42_race_car.jpg (9982 bytes) the_rain_will_not_hurt_this_one.jpg (8251 bytes) this_may_buff_out.jpg (10663 bytes)
this_one_was_for_sale.jpg (12932 bytes) tom_quadrini.jpg (9528 bytes) tor_red_aar_4.jpg (14446 bytes)
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To see photos that others took you can visit the following:

Jon Bach’s photos can be seen at

If you have reunion photos of your own that you would like to submit, please forward them to Mike at