If you have not done so already, I urge you to search your entire car for broadcast sheets. There can be as many as five in one car, so if you find one, keep looking, there could be more. It is important to note that not all sheets will match the car they are found in due to how the assembly lines at the plant were run. If you find any sheets, hopefully at least one matches you car. It is common to find T/A sheets in other Challengers, and vice versa, so please let me know what you find. I will start a file on the car and hopefully it will turn up one day so that we can get the sheet to the right car. Several owners are hoping that someone else finds a sheet for their car, myself included.

Here is a list of places to search for sheets:
  • Taped to the back side or top of the glove box insert
  • Under either or both front bucket seats tucked in the springs
  • Inside the removable plastic bucket seat back covers
  • Under the rear seat bottom
  • In the rear seat back
  • Under the rear speaker shelf
  • Under the carpet.
  • If you have any spare seats please check those as well.

Here are some photos of broadcast sheets as they were found.
(Not all pictures are of T/As)

Behind the Rear Seat Back

jon_bach_photo.jpg (4732 bytes)

ta_sheet_rear_seat.jpg (3217 bytes)

ta_sheet_in_rear_seat.jpg (3941 bytes)

a2_3.jpg (4023 bytes)

f3_3.jpg (4210 bytes) rim00022.jpg (4526 bytes)

Under the

Bucket Seat
Back Covers

Under the

sheet_under_dash.jpg (2717 bytes)

sheets_in_seat_backs.jpg (4592 bytes)

another_build_sheet_from_andy.jpg (3924 bytes)

I currently have 53 T/A sheets on file waiting to be claimed,  and a few for other models as well, all that is required to claim a sheet is proof of ownership and that the car still exists.

Thanks for checking and best of luck with the search!

PS: I also have 2 Fender Tags, 1 Window Sticker and 2 Consumer Information Sheets waiting to be claimed. Same proof of ownership rules apply for these.