Interesting news about radiators for Challenger T/As and AAR Cudas

The radiator number for these is on the top tank, the number to look for is 2998 974. It has been known for quite a while that these also came in 1970 B-bodies with the 318 engine and air conditioning. What is not widely known is that some radiator part numbers were swapped, very likely by the vendor supplying the radiators to Chrysler Corporation.

This was brought to my attention by Kori Alexander when he sent me this photo:

In this photo you can see that a brass tag with the correct number for an AAR or T/A had been soldered on over the number 2998 952 which would be correct for a C –body with a 318 and air conditioning.


radiator_kori.jpg (8875 bytes)

Photo by Kori Alexander

I found this very interesting and cool all at the same time. It also raised my curiosity. My T/A had a radiator in it with the wrong number, so I had always assumed that it had been swapped out at some point. After Kori sent me the above photo I remembered that my radiator had one of those soldered on tags, so I got my propane torch out and carefully removed it.

Here is what I found:

The soldered on tag on my radiator was 2998 948 which was for 1970 B & E-bodies with the 318, automatic and air conditioning. When I removed it I found 2998 974 underneath, so it was correct for my T/A after all.


ta_radiator.jpg (6450 bytes)

Chrysler part number 2998974 is the correct number for Trans Am cars.

I have no way to know if this is the original radiator for my T/A, but I checked the date code on the passenger side flange, it says 087 – 0 for the 87th day of 1970 which would be March 28, 1970. My T/A's Scheduled Production Date is 417 for April 17, 1970 so the date code is definitely in the right range to have been on my car since new.

Here is a photo of the date code:

rad_date_code.jpg (6705 bytes)

The date code is found on the passenger side flange of the radiator.

So if you need a radiator with the correct number for your T/A or AAR you now have more places too look. Best of luck!

T/Ake care,
Barry Washington