Q. Why should I register my car?

A. There are many reasons you should register your car. For instance ... I may know of an item that matches your car. This may include the original engine, transmission, fender tag, broadcast sheet, window sticker, or other original paperwork. I may have some prior owner history to pass along to you. If your car's original fender tag is lost or stolen it is quite possible that I have the original tag information on file. All of the data collected for each car goes in a file for that serial number. I cannot help you if I do not know how to contact you, plain and simple. As an example, there are still over 50 broadcast sheets for T/As waiting to be claimed. One of them may be yours.

Q. Do I have to own a T/A to register it?

A. No. Many T/As are registered by former owners, and others are cars that are spotted at car shows, or from broadcast sheets found in other Challengers, etc.

Q. How do I register my car?

A. The registry forms are available in 3 formats for your convenience and are linked to below. Just fill out the form and mail it back to me at the address listed on the bottom of the last page of the form.

Q. Is my car a "survivor"?

A. Find out what Mel Major has to say by clicking here.

As of 11/01/15 there are 1475 T/As registered.
Click here to see how many T/As are registered in your state or country.


Print and fill out all the pages, then return them to address at the bottom of the form.