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MISSION: The first objective is to preserve the nice old MOPARS and gather them together for reference displays to show them as they were years ago.
The second objective is to get all of the owners together for these displays to have fun and enjoy their MOPARS. This is not a club with a membership. Any Mopar that meets the criteria, and would like to attend a show, can sign up. There is not, and will not be any competition within this group.
CRITERIA: UNRESTORED/UNRESTIFIED MOPARS at least 25 years old. 80% each, of the paint, interior, and drive train must be as “factory installed or applied”. It does not mean repainted to the correct color or rebuilt to the original specifications.
We want the display to present each vehicle to best represent it the way it is after it Survived all of these years. Maintenance and normal repairs are acceptable as well as minimal accident repair. Component replacement; such as belts, hoses, exhaust, tires, etc. is expected.

To maintain a high quality display, we recommend replacing components with similar items such as correct tire type and size, correct battery, stock appearing exhaust, correct hose clamps, Mopar belts, etc.

If your Mopar is going to participate in one of these displays, we will ask for two pictures and a short story of how it survived over the years. This will become part of the display.

If you have any questions, please ask.