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Great news!

A deal has been signed for my home here in Alaska. It will likely take about a month to complete the inspection, appraisal & document preparation. If all goes well I will be moving to Pennsylvania sometime in July.

I will be out of the loop with no internet or mailing address until I find a new location. So, the following things will be affected since I will not be available to correspond with anyone:

1. Registrations.

2. Services will not be available.

3. My contact information will also be gone of course.

Hopefully once I reach Pennsylvania I will be able to find & buy a new place within three months, at which time these features will return. All pending registration letters on my desk as of today have been replied to, they will go in the mail tomorrow. (June 2nd) You will all hear from me again once I get set up in a new location. Thanks for all the support over the years!

Barry Washington June 1, 2014

PS> Also be aware that the next AAR & T/A Reunion will be part of the Chryslers at Carlisle show in 2015!